Your Favorite Cosmetic product is discontinued?
GIELLA can match it!!

What products we can match:
Foundation       $48.00
Powder             $38.00
Blush (cream or powder)       $28 for cream/$38.00 for powder
Bronzer             $38.00
Nail polish         $25.00
Lipstick              $28.00
Lip Gloss           $28.00
Eye shadow      $28.00
Lip Pencils         $27.00
Eye Pencils        $27.00

There is a minimum order of two pieces per color for all discontinued matches.

Where to send:
Send your discontinued product to:

63 Tec Street
Hicksville, NY 11801

Include your name, address, telephone number and credit card number with expiration date.

Your original tube, container or bottle will be returned.

Contact: giella@giella.com or by phone at 888-221-0469

View our lipstick colors.